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ENGLISH PAPER MONEY 10th Edition is now available

Edited by Pam West

Pam and Pete West, with meticulous dedication, have crafted the indispensable and award-winning Price Guide for English Paper Money—a must-have for collectors. Spanning from the historic year 1694 to the present (October 2023), this guide delivers the latest insights on grades and values, encompassing treasury notes from 1914 to 1928 and white notes ranging from £5 to £1,000, now revealing branch rarity details for the first time.

Venturing into the evolving world of polymer issues, this edition is an essential companion for collectors, celebrating the beauty and importance of British banknotes throughout history. Carefully edited and curated, it provides concise yet captivating glimpses into the lives of the cashiers who signed the banknotes, exploring the significant changes of this captivating journey through British currency history.

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Enhance your British banknote collection with this indispensable and award-winning guide—perfect for collectors at every stage of their journey.

Last updated 20/12/2023