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World Paper Money Catalogues

These are the most comprehensive World Paper Money catalogues you are likely to come across. They include scans, details of each note with a market valuation. These books are used & referred to by nearly all the collectors and dealers within the hobby.

They are also referred to as Pick Catalogues; you may have heard of notes being referred to by a Pick number as the notes are identified by the Country and a Pick number. This started because the earlier issues were written by Albert Pick.

There are three volumes available which are:

Volume One - Standard Catalog of World Paper Money 12th Edition which concentrates on Specialised Issues. The book includes issues from Provincial, Private and Commercial Banks. It documents over 250 years of issues with over 17,500 notes:

Volume Two - Standard Catalog of World Paper Money 16th Edition which concentrates on General Issues from 1368-1960. This catalogue is 1175 pages and includes 18,500 listed notes from Afghanistan to Zanzibar. The market valuations are in up to three grades.

Volume Three - Standard Catalog of World Paper Money 25th Edition which concentrates on Modern Issues 1961- to date. This comprehensive 981 paged volume includes 40,000 current market evaluations, 380 Note-issuing Authorities from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. (I would recommend new collectors purchase this volume first.)

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Last updated 04/12/2020