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Hello, I'm Kate Gibson, an enthusiast and a proud Life Member of the IBNS. My journey with banknotes began in the tender moments of my childhood, guided by the captivating stories each note held. The first banknote that left an indelible mark on me was the German 10,000 Marks 1922 "Vampire" note—a fascinating introduction to the world of banknote collecting, thanks to my late father, Keith Gibson, who was a dealer back in the day.

My commitment to you is unwavering—I strive to provide a welcoming, reliable, and efficient service, delivering high-quality banknotes at competitive prices. Meticulous in my grading and following IBNS standards, I ensure your satisfaction is at the forefront of every transaction. Positive feedback from loyal customers is a testament to my dedication and propels the rapid growth of my banknote business.

In my passion for this hobby, I go beyond simply offering well-graded, genuine banknotes; I support collectors in their discovery, exploration, and curation of their collections.

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While you can find my listings on eBay, I prefer showcasing my diverse banknote offerings on my dedicated website.

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Beyond the business, I embrace the dynamic nature of my work, constantly striving to ensure your enjoyment of the banknote hobby. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I am dedicated to minimizing errors to guarantee a seamless experience. Any issues that may arise are promptly addressed and resolved.

The joy of being a banknote collector lies in discovering unique and beautiful items and accumulating knowledge across various fields. Join me in exploring this fascinating world!

Happy Collecting!
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**Membership Information:**
- Member of A.N.A ~ American Numismatic Association - 3192472
- Member of The Banknote Society of Scotland
- Life Member of the I.B.N.S ~ International Bank Note Society - LM146
- Member of S.P.M.C Society of Paper Money Collectors - PM015652
- Life Member of GNCC - German Notgeld Collectors Club

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Last updated 22/12/2023