SCWPM PR5 TBB B305a 2 Dong Vietnamese Banknote Very Fine VF (1963)

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PR5 TBB B305a   2 dong (1963) VF $ 5.04 In Stock
PR5 TBB B305a 2 dong (1963) VF $ 5.04 In Stock
Uy Ban Trung U'O'ng. (NLF) National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam Scarce Unissued Series - Seized by US forces, most notes were destroyed.
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Women in convoy at centre. Fishermen with boats on reverse. No security thread. Watermark: Star pattern.National Liberation Front.(NLF)
The notes were authorised by the NLF through its Central Committee
These notes were never unissued as they were stored in Cambodia awaiting the capture of Saigon.

The notes were seized during a military operation between the United States and South Vietnam that began on 29 April 1970 and lasted 63 days.

Printer: CPF Central Printing Factory in Shanghai, People's Republic of China.