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SCWPM PS2402b 5 Dollars Chinese Banknote Fine / Very Fine F/VF (01/01/1918)

NB: Image for identification, the serial number you receive may differ if I have more than one

SCWPM The Banknote Book Prefix / Suffix Denom Unit Year Grade Price Stock
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PS2402b     5 dollars 01/01/1918 F/VF $ 13.80 In Stock
PS2402b 5 dollars 01/01/1918 F/VF $ 13.80 In Stock
Provincial Bank of Kwangtung Province. Canton. S/M K55-21b. Sheng Li at top centre. English signature without titles. Printer: ABNC.
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Central framed panel features a five storey building Zhen Haitower,(Five Stories Pogoda located in Yuexiu Park, central Guangzhou with approach road in foreground (built in1380,at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, by the Yongjia Marquis Zhu Liangzu

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