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SCWPM P20a TBB B302a 10 Kip LAO Banknote Uncirculated UNC (1968-1979)

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P20a TBB B302a   10 kip (1968-1979) UNC $ 6.93 In Stock
P20a TBB B302a 10 kip (1968-1979) UNC $ 6.93 In Stock
Medical examination scene including Nurses, babies, women. Back: Fighters planting bamboo booby traps. Printer unknown. Watermark : Wat That Lunag Stupa. No security thread.
Tags: #medical#nurse#babies#children#women (suggest tags)
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These notes where printed in the Peoples Republic of China and circulated in areas under the control of the Pathet Lao insurgents. Later these notes became the accepted legal tender for the entire country.