SCWPM P23a TBB B509a 10 Francs Saint Pierre & Miquelon Banknote Uncirculated UNC (1950-60)

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P23a TBB B509a F41 10 francs (1950-60) UNC $ 157.50 In Stock
P23a TBB B509a F41 10 francs (1950-60) UNC $ 157.50 In Stock
Jean-Baptiste Colbert (Marquis de Seignelay) who was a French Politician. Sailing ships. River scene and plants on back F41. Signature: Postel-Vinay. Caisse Centrale de la France D'Outre-Mer. Watermarked.
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Overprint "Saint Pierre-Et-Miquelon" Printer: Banque de France. Intaglio print. Engraver names printed on both sides of the banknote. Jean-Baptiste Colbert. (2023, November 12). In Wikipedia. http://https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Baptiste_Colbert Engraver - Georges Hourriez (1878-1953)

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