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SCWPM PBath1 1 Oliver British Banknote Uncirculated UNC (2013)

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PBath1     1 oliver 2013 UNC $ 6.35 In Stock
PBath1 1 oliver 2013 UNC $ 6.35 In Stock
Bath Local currency coupons "Olivers". Scheme now ceased. 1st and only edition. Used in the community to exchange time, skills and resources. Olivers were printed on watermarked hemp.
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The Bath Oliver is a means of Exchange between local volunteers, residents and businesses. It is a coupon that rewards voluntary work and community activity with discounts in local shops and businesses. Unlike many other local currency schemes OLIVERS are not tourist pounds that can be bought with pounds and converted back into pounds.

OLIVERS save spending in pounds for residents and businesses and it is the first true local money to be developed in the UK. The aim of the scheme is to reduce the reliance on Sterling and retain more of the value of local work and enterprise within the local community.

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