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SCWPM PNIP5 1 Festmeter German Banknote Fine F (1923)

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PNIP5   A 1 festmeter 1923 F $ 10.16 In Stock
PNIP5 A 1 festmeter 1923 F $ 10.16 In Stock
Bad Wildungen. Holzgutschein.Vouchers for wood, 1 cubic metre of beechwood timber. Wertbestaendige - fixed values. Festmeter Buchennutzholz. Circulated note. Uniface. Notgeld. Handstamped. Some pencil annotations and stains.
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In times of hyperinflation, having fixed-value currency is invaluable. Wood vouchers, a type of 'Wertbestaendige' Notgeld, fall into this category. These special issues guarantee a fixed amount of wood, making them a practical and reliable form of currency during economic crises.

For a deeper understanding of Notgeld and its various issues, we recommend visiting Tony's website, a renowned expert in the field. Explore his comprehensive articles on Notgeld, including the concept of 'Wertbestaendige,' by clicking here: http://notgeld.com/notgeld-articles/wertbestaendige/

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