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SCWPM PNIP0 5 Dollars Chinese Banknote Very Fine VF (1926)

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PNIP0     5 dollars 1926 VF $ 9.45 In Stock
PNIP0 5 dollars 1926 VF $ 9.45 In Stock
Nationalist Government Lottery Loan. Short term bearer bond. S/M K101-??
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The principle title of the note reads, from right to left, as
Kuo Min Cheng Fu Ts'ai Cheng Pu Yu Chaing Kung Char, (Wade Giles, which allows entry to Smith Maltravers), and Guo Min Zheng Fu Cai Zheng bu Yu Jiang Gong Zhai, (Mandarin).

Guo Min Zheng Fu (Nationalist/ Republic of China) Cai Zheng bu (Ministry of Finance) Yu Jiang (Treasury Note or award ticket), Gong Zhai (Bond).

A short term bearer bond in note form for payment of taxes or other Government obligations. K101-1, of which this note is a derivative was used to fund the Northern Expedition of the Kuo Min Tang under Chaing Kai Shek. Owners were promised interest, prizes up to $20,000 based on public lottery. Signed by Wang Ching Wei chairman of the National Government and T. V. Soong as Minister of finance.

Obverse - Features Vignette of Dr Sun Yat Sen at centre flanked by industrial scene and government building.
Reverse - Nationalist Government Lottery Loan terms and conditions in English

Guo Min Tang (China Peoples Party) Can be read as Nationalist or Republic.

Information provided by Simon Simpson, friend & IBNS Member 10412.