SCWPM PNew TBB B300k 20,000 Pesos Chilean Banknote Uncirculated UNC (2020)

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PNew TBB B300k BG 20,000 pesos 2020 UNC $ 49.77 In Stock
PNew TBB B300k BG 20,000 pesos 2020 UNC $ 49.77 In Stock
Andrés Bello (1781 - 1865) was a political leader, diplomat and renowned poet. On the reverse is a mesmerizing depiction of the Salar de Surire Natural Monument, featuring small salt lakes, salt flats, and Payachata mountains in the backdrop.
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Two flying Chilean flamingoes (Phoenicopterus chilensis) grace the design, adding a touch of elegance. The stylized corazo?n del copihue, which represents the heart of the Chilean bellflower known as Lapageria rosea, is also featured. This flower holds the distinction of being Chile's national flower.
Signatures: Mario Marcel and Alejandro Zurbuchen. Measures 148 x 70mm. Material: paper. Solid security thread and a Motion windowed security thread adorned with the Antu? design. Antu? is an indigenous Mapuche weaving pattern symbolizing the sun and fertility. A denomination registration device. Watermark: Bello's image and the electrotype "20 MIL." Printer: Crane AB.Issued by Banco Central de Chile.
The 20,000 Pesos Chilean banknote features the image of the Salar de Surire Natural Monument on the reverse side, including the Payachata Mountains' background. These mountains, known as "Payachata," have two prominent volcanic peaks: Parinacota and Pomerape. These mountains are part of the Andes mountain range. They are situated in the Arica and Parinacota regions of northern Chile, near the border with Bolivia. The banknote's design beautifully captures this stunning natural landscape with the Payachata Mountains in the backdrop of the Salar de Surire.