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SCWPM PNew20 20 Pounds Scottish Banknote Uncirculated UNC (27/05/2019)

NB: Image for identification, the serial number you receive may differ if I have more than one

SCWPM The Banknote Book Prefix / Suffix Denom Unit Year Grade Price Stock
Item Price Stock
PNew20   DT 20 pounds 27/05/2019 UNC $ 39.33 Sold Out
PNew20 DT 20 pounds 27/05/2019 UNC $ 39.33 Sold Out
Signature: Alison Rose. Polymer. Kate Cranston, Entreupeneur Business woman. Tearooms. Blaeberries. Extracts from 16th century Scottish poet Mark Alexander Boyd’s work, Cupid and Venus. Red squirrels. Safeguard Polymer. PMOS RB112a. BNYB SC865
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SCOTLAND - 2020 (2019) Clydesdale Bank £20 Polymer Banknote UNC

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