SCWPM P60a TBB BNP301 500 Dram Armenian Banknote Uncirculated UNC (2017)

NB: Image for identification, the serial number you receive may differ if I have more than one

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P60a TBB BNP301   500 dram 2017 UNC $ 12.70 In Stock
P60a TBB BNP301 500 dram 2017 UNC $ 12.70 In Stock
Noah's Ark relic. Etchmiadzin Monastery building. Mount Ararat; animals and birds. Noah's family. Signatures: Arthur Javadyan & Vardan Aramyan.
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Rolling Star Galaxy security - Windowed security thread with colour shifting effect from green to gold, 3D circles and interchangeable sections. Demetalized patterns of "500" and "AMD". Rollingstar Lead security foil with 3D image of Noah's Ark fragment with colour shifting element. SPARK live security feature in the form of a dove bird with an olive branch in its beak, contains colour shifting effect from gold to green and a bright 3D circle. Lasercut transparent window with a precisely defined image of the Noah's Ark. Watermark: Noah's Ark and electrotype 500. Printer: Giesecke & Devrient. Hybrid note.