SCWPM PRouen 3 Livres French Banknote About Uncirculated aUNC (1791-1792)

NB: Image for identification, the serial number you receive may differ if I have more than one

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PRouen   4G 3 livres (1791-1792) aUNC $ 71.50 In Stock
PRouen 4G 3 livres (1791-1792) aUNC $ 71.50 In Stock
Patriotic Association "Voucher for THREE POUNDS, redeemable at will in 300-pound affigates and not to run until July 31, 1792" 4G series. Seine-Inférieure. Signatures: Limé and Mornacq. No pinholes or folds. See scan of actual note. Rouen
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