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SCWPM PM30 100 Yen Chinese Banknote Very Fine VF (1945)

NB: Image for identification, the serial number you receive may differ if I have more than one

SCWPM The Banknote Book Prefix / Suffix Denom Unit Year Grade Price Stock
Item Price Stock
PM30   3 100 yen (1945) VF $ 7.56 In Stock
PM30 3 100 yen (1945) VF $ 7.56 In Stock
Hong Kong Issue. Authentic Block # 3 note. Overprint of four Japanese characters at centre. Portrait of Shotoku Taishi. .Views of the 7th Century Yumedono Pavilion and the Horyugi Buddhist Temple in Kyoto. Chrysanthemum Seal
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Scan of Chysanthemum flower added to show genuine print, not replica note. Shading in petals on correct side. Line lithography print. S/M:T32-6.