SCWPM PNew100 TBB BNP807 100 Karbovancev Ukrainian Banknote Uncirculated UNC (2017)

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PNew100 TBB BNP807 Comm 100 karbovancev 2017 UNC $ 12.70 In Stock
PNew100 TBB BNP807 Comm 100 karbovancev 2017 UNC $ 12.70 In Stock
100th anniversary commemorative of the first Ukrainian banknotes and the first 100 karbovancev paper money.
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The National Bank of Ukraine issued a souvenir banknote entitled `One Hundred karbovancev', which reproduces the design of the first Ukrainian banknote. The image on this banknote of the trident was one of the main factors in the establishment of the Grand Duke of Volodymyr the Great, as the State Emblem of the UPR and almost two months ahead of the relevant law of the Central Council on the State Emblem. The paper used consists of flax fibers up to 85% and cotton cellulose. The paper banknote contains a local watermark in the form of a trident, the middle tooth crowned with a cross. The size of the note: - 80 x 170 mm. This banknote is issued only for collectors and is not supposed to be in circulation. www.bbc.com/ukrainian/features-41797443

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