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SCWPM PNIP20 10 Silver Dollars Chinese Banknote Extremely Fine EF (01/06/1935)

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PNIP20     10 silver dollars 01/06/1935 EF $ 69.85 In Stock
PNIP20 10 silver dollars 01/06/1935 EF $ 69.85 In Stock
Canton Bank Bond- Guangzhou Branch. Year 24. Canton Bank Zero-Interest Loan.
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Liquidation note of the Canton Mercantile Bank. (Canton Branch office) (Shan Pan Kuang Tung Yin Hang Kuang Chou Feng Hang Ch'ing Li Tsai Chuan. This note was issued by the Canton Mercantile Bank of Canton Branch Office at its liquidation. The notes fell into five denominations: $1, $5, $10, $50 and $100; but the total amount did not exceed five million dollars. The rules set out on the reverse were approved by the Treasury Department of the Government of Kuang-tung Province, on 6th November, 1935.